We're a Happy Community Church, with Healthy Spiritual Practices

About Faith In Christ International Church, MD, USA

About Us

We are a one family in Christ offering a spiritual framework to live by and supplying answers to difficult life-questions.

Our church supports each individual in forging a personal relationship with God.

Warm Church Community

Whether you’re looking for a warm church community or seeking a more meaningful spiritual practice, the Faith in Christ opens its doors to you.

Please browse our website for more information.

The Service Hours page will help you find any our locations closer to you.

If there is no congregation nearby, use the Resources page (watch our Live Streaming Services) — and grow your faith with us online.

We Long to Meet You

We’re so glad that your spiritual journey has led you here. We hope to welcome you to a church service this Sunday, either locally or online!
Learn more about the New Church and its doctrines by writing to:
Faith in Christ International, 49 Inverness Ave, Dundalk MD.
For someone wanting to learn more about our ministry or willing to go into more depth than reading our Summary of Beliefs on the web pages.
There is a Believer’s Quarterly Class Programs, called Foundational Class.
It is an introduction to the Faith in Christ International.
Message Us (SMS) or Message Us (WhatsApp) to registrar. Once again, we are grateful for stopping by.