Be Baptized and Subscribe to the Principles and Purposes of the General Church

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Faith in Christ International

Official membership of the General Church is made up of those who have chosen to be baptized and subscribe to the principles and purposes of the General Church.

Membership is individual, and is not limited by race, nationality, or geography.

One becomes an official member of a particular society by first becoming a member of the General Church and then by signing the roll of membership of that society.

Joining Faith in Christ Church
Membership is an opportunity to formalize your commitment to the Church.

Many people are connected to Faith in Christ but have not formally joined. You can formalize your commitment to the Church today by accepting our invitation to join our organization and spiritual community. Your commitment to doing the Lord’s work on earth. depends on your availability and readiness to serve. At Faith in Christ, you will be welcome and given the opportunity to participate in our worship services as soon as you take these steps.

To become a member of Faith In Christ International Church, simply fill this form.