To Bring People Together in an Environment Which Stimulates Spiritual Growth and Learning

Camps, training’s and retreats

National Events, Camps, and Retreats

Faith in Christ International offers a number of annual camps, trainings and retreats designed to bring people together in an environment which stimulates spiritual growth and learning. Camps range from those geared toward families, to teen groups, to elders. While many of them take place in Maryland, District of Columbia, Lagos Nigeria, Ibadan, and some other cities in Nigeria.

Each event places the Lord at its center, but the focus is different depending on which camp you attend. Some are doctrinal and others target areas like relationships, teen issues, or general life skills. All incorporate fun, relaxation, and social interaction as key components of the experience.

Please see below for a list of camps and retreats offered:

  • Teen’s Tools 4 Life is a career and life skills camp designed to help teenagers who have completed grades 10 and 11 develop the tools and confidence needed to choose the right directions after high school. The camp offers seven days of activities and workshops under the mentorship of skilled councillors. It is held in July of most years.
    For more info. Call 443-503-6407OR Use our Whatsapp button on your screen, for an instant Chat with a representative.
  • The National Convention is a summer church camp with activities, worship, and instruction based on the Lord’s Word and Mandate. The focus of this convention is to draw people together and build a true sense of spiritual community. Several daily sessions are held in each assigned locations, and are held in July and August of each year.

    For more info. Call: 443-503-6407
    Use our WhatsApp button on your screen, for an instant Chat with a representative.

  • Faith in Christ Women’s Retreat is an annual weekend away for women of all ages. Through fellowship, worship, workshops, small groups, activities and nurturing food, women are rejuvenated and renewed. For more information contact Faith in Christ International at” women[at]
  • Faith in Christ Family Picnic Weekend is an annual event hosted by the Men’s groups, typically in July. The weekend includes activities for all age groups, including outdoor cooking, (Cookouts) stimulating instruction, debate, music, and social activities. Neighbors are welcome to attend.
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